My Creative Process When Shooting Jewelry Photography

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder~
When starting my creative process of shooting jewelry photography, I always start with researching
I like to do simple google searches like: "jewelry aesthetic", "popular jewelry" and other inspirational titles. 
When I find something that speaks to me I then start my layout. 
I use scrapbook paper mostly as my backgrounds, or white printer paper. 
The list goes on with how many backgrounds there really are! Coasters, tiles, glitter on paper, grass, silk, clothing.... SO MANY. 
I try to place my jewelry based on how I want the photo to look, sometimes I do a random placement when I'm shooting more than one type of jewelry (necklaces, pendants, rings, etc.). Other times my jewelry placement is more cohesive like the photo above with the necklaces, I tried to make them all the same way in the middle. Unlike this photo below, where I placed jewelry randomly, but not messy. 
When deciding on props:
I like to use natural props like leaves, flowers, and branches I find outside. 
I also like to use everyday props you can find in your home like, books, glasses, makeup, etc. 
You can also use jewelry stands and holders. I like to use clear ring holders in some of my photos so it looks like the ring is standing on it's own. 
Camera? Iphone? Android? 
If you want a professional, high quality photo it is best to use an actual camera, BUT Iphones and Androids actually have really amazing cameras built in now a days to where you don't need a professional camera. 
I have an older version of an Iphone so my camera quality on there isn't great, instead my goto is my Canon EOS rebel T3 with an efs 18-55mm lens. 
This camera has been with me for years and is very reliable. 
----*TIP*: To help shakiness and blurry images, use a tripod.---
EDITING: I use Adobe Lightroom to edit all my photography. You can get Adobes photography plan for only $9.99 a month, and it's so worth it! 
To end this short and sweet, The basic rule of thumb I always follow when shooting jewelry photography is to BE CREATIVE & HAVE FUN. ;) 
Trust the process

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