Introducing Handmade EGAD Jewelry products

EGADjewelry doesn't only sell antique, vintage, and estate jewelry.... We now are creating our own EGAD jewelry products from scratch! 

These handmade EGAD jewelry products are very well made and will last a lifetime. 

Follow along on our journey of hand making these amazing jewelry items. 

Read below about the details of this piece and how we created it!  




This one is a 14k Yellow Gold 'Paperclip' chain bracelet made by Jeni.

I had so much fun making this piece! We started out with thick gold wire that I had to take through a rolling mill (See more about tools in "Our Shop" section) to make thinner and longer. Once I had the appropriate gauge of thickness it was time to make the links.

We had to get creative when deciding how to oval the links perfectly, since we didn't have the right tool available during the process. We figured it out by using a piece of plastic we found and carving it into the perfect shape. We then wrapped the gold wire around our piece of carved plastic to get perfect identical links. After cutting the links and putting them together, I soldered the links closed to make a cohesive bracelet.

The next step was making the end caps! 
I hand cut and designed the end caps from a flat sheet of 14k gold then stamped our "EGAD" stamp and "14K" stamp on each end cap. 
The only part of this bracelet that was not made by me is the lobster catch, we added a new lobster catch to the bracelet that works and fits perfectly!

This bracelet came out to be 7 1/4" and weighs 5.80 Grams! You can purchase on our Etsy HERE

It pairs well with any outfit or other jewelry and is a trending fashion that we had to create! 


Watch for more blog posts about our creative process and what inspires us! 

Thanks for reading!

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