Handmade 18K Yellow Gold Rolo Link Chain, The Heaviest Yet

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This chain is an 18k Yellow Gold Rolo Link chain and was made by Terry.

Terry wanted to make this a heavy, sturdy chain that anyone could wear daily.

He started by using 14 gauge gold wire and wrapping it on the Pepetools Jump ring maker to make the circles. 
You can purchase this tool here-- Pepetools jump ring maker

He then linked the circles together and soldered the links closed. 

The end caps are handmade as well. These were cut from a flat sheet of gold then perfected with filing tools. 

The chains final weight came out to be 83.50 Grams!!! Now that's a heavy chain!

It's final length came to be 24" long. 

Below is a video of how it's made--- 


 You can purchase this chain on our Etsy site here -- 18K Rolo Chain

This is a great everyday chain for someone who loves heavy, sturdy, well made pieces of jewelry. 

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