Handmade 18k Matching Rolo Link Necklace and Bracelet Set

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This set is called the "Lucky Seven" and was created by Terry.

Both the necklace and bracelet are 18k Yellow Gold and the links are 7 to 1. 

Making these rolo link chains, Terry started by melting his scrap gold into ingots.

See video below---


After melting the gold, he then rolled out the wire into thinner pieces using a rolling mill

Using the Pepetools Jump Ring Maker, he made the circle links. 

The design name "Lucky Seven" came from his choice of links, 7 to 1. 

The number 7 has been known to be a lucky number throughout history.

After assembling the bracelet and necklace links 7 to 1, Terry handmade the end caps. He carefully sawed them out of a sheet of 18k gold and sanded and folded them to perfectly match one another. 

The catches are 18k lobster claws that he added on last. 

Below are Terry's notes on the outcome of this set of matching rolo link chains and a video of Terry explaining his process. 

You can look at more pictures and purchase this set HERE

The total weight of these chains combined is 76.0 GRAMS!! 

The bracelet came out to 8 1/2" and the necklace came out to 21 1/2". 

This set is unique and VERY WELL MADE.
It will last a lifetime and look amazing on anyone! 

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